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Stop the Rock Quarry Along Old US Hwy 431!
Write to the Alabama Environmental Management Commission

The Alabama Environmental Management Commission is charged with developing the state's environmental policy, hearing administrative appeals of permits, administrative orders and variances issued by A.D.E.M., adopting environmental regulations, and selecting an A.D.E.M. director.

Note: Your letters to the Alabama Environmental Management Commission are getting noticed. This fact was reported in the Huntsville Times. Please keep the letters flowing. Thankyou.

The commission was established in 1982. Twenty-one years later, Alabama still has no mining act that would regulate water pollution, air pollution, or the location of quarries. Alabama has about eighty quarries. Alabama is number three in the nation for limestone production. The word "protection" is not in A.D.E.M.'s name. Environmental protection is not mentioned in A.D.E.M.'s mission statement.

Write to the commission and tell them that A.D.E.M. needs more state regulatory control over quarries. Tell them about our particular situation and the many reasons why a quarry should never be allowed in Ledbetter Hollow including:

  • Cultural Heritage (Cherokee Indians once lived on the property)
  • Existing sinkholes
  • Possibility of new sinkholes from blasting.
  • Classic cave and numerous caverns in the area
  • Wetlands
  • Threatened plant and animal species
  • Large underground aquifer that could be released
  • Prime and unique farm land soils in the area
  • Large springs at risk from blasting
  • Initially Vulcan plans to use water from the impaired Little Paint Rock Creek
  • Steep slopes in the immediate area and the likelihood of landslides
  • Hundreds of existing homes in the surrounding area

Written concerns can be sent to:

William M. Sanders, M.D.
182 Golson Rd.
Prattville, AL 36067

Sam H. Wainwright, P.E.
c/o Environmental Management Commission
P.O. Box 301463
Montgomery, AL 36130-1463

Kenneth A. Hairston, Esq.
c/o Environmental Management Commission
P.O. Box 301463
Montgomery, AL 36130-1463

Patrick Byington
2617 11 Avenue, S.
Birmingham, AL 35205

W. Scott Phillips
Suite 250
2170 Highland Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35205

John H. Lester, D.V.M.
Lester & Donaldson Veterinary Hospital
1107 Boll Weevil Circle Enterprise, AL 36330

Riley Boykin Smith
P.O. Drawer 16147
Mobile, AL 36616