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Stop the Rock Quarry Along Old US Hwy 431!
Reasons to Stop the Rock Quarry

Please understand what a devastating impact this proposed "rock crusher" will have on the existing community and the future development of this part of Marshall County. These damaging and long-lasting traumas will bring no positive benefit to anyone in the surrounding communities -- but we will be forced to live with, and next door to this, for the next 50+ years.


  • Air Pollution from dust and particles
  • Water pollution from run-off chemicals
  • Noise pollution from blasting and daily crushing and quarrying activities
  • Heavily increased traffic (rock trucks) along a highway already busy with commuters, school buses, semis, fishermen and vacationers


  • Reduction or elimination of water supply to cattle farms from the Little Paint Rock


  • Potential blasting damage to existing cave structures and attractions such as Cathedral Caverns
  • Destabilization of existing slopes already honeycombed with caves, fractured rock and affected by earthquakes


  • Immediate and permanent drop in real estate values and tax-base
  • Potential damage to building foundations that will not be covered by home insurance


  • The "Gateway to Guntersville" for Hampton Cove and Huntsville will be marred by the presence of this eye-sore and noxious operation -- causing potential vacationers to 'move on'
  • This area has great potential as a residential development area for people moving out of Madison County or retiring to Alabama -- this potential, and its increased tax-base, will be irrevocably lost

Future Development:

  • Where Rock Quarries come, ASPHALT plants are not far behind (this area has both the limestone and sandstone required for this industry) Although not operated by Vulcan, development of this industry will cause further environmental decline of the area
  • Western Marshall County will lose the opportunity to develop its existing natural attractions into a premier residential and vacation area of North Alabama

The ONLY benefits Vulcan can offer are:

  • 6 - 10 jobs (some of which will be taken by existing Vulcan employees not from the area)
  • Cheaper road building materials - cheaper for them to produce and transport


Located in the scenic foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Marshall County boasts many communities where the people are friendly and the quality of life is second to none! With a moderate climate, Picturesque vistas and a low cost of living, the county has gained the reputation as one of the fastest growing communities in Alabama. One of the county's largest and foremost attractions would have to be Lake Guntersville. This 69,000-acre lake offers the resident or visitor some of the state's premier water activities. From boating and swimming to camping and picnicking, Lake Guntersville is an excellent backdrop for a week long vacation or a lazy Sunday afternoon. In addition to all the things to see and do around the lake, the county is also home to many man-made and natural attractions.


Don't Let Vulcan take this away!