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Stop the Rock Quarry Along Old US Hwy 431!
Write to A.D.E.M.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (A.D.E.M) is the agency responsible for administering state and federal environmental laws. As part of their mission, they conduct studies into the potential impact of certain activities in an area.

Blasting, excavation and other activities related to quarrying can affect a wide area. Water table alteration has been known to cause sinkholes in areas with underground pockets. Loosening of rock and soil can destabilize mountain sides. Industrial runoff can spoil water sources. Wildlife habitats can be annihilated. Some areas can be so dramatically affected that these activities are not allowed.
Written requests for specific scientific studies can be sent to:
Clifton McRoy
Mining Unit of the Field Operations Division
Alabama Dept. of Environmental Management
P.O. Box 301463
Montgomery, AL 36130-1463